"The Centurion"

Sunday, April 6
10:00 AM
Since 2007, Pastor Scott Parks has presented a powerful and dynamic Easter Dramatic Presentation entitled, "The Centurion."  Told from the unique perspective of the Roman Centurion who was commissioned to oversee the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, "The Centurion" brings Biblical-era costuming, haunting and powerful music, a realistic set, and additional cast to bring the story from the man who ordered the death of Christ.
From his initial encounter with Jesus when Jesus healed his servant, this hardened warrior recounts the day on Golgotha as he watched Jesus executed on the brutal Roman cross of crucifixion.  As you listen to the Centurion's tale he encounters the two Marys and later a young boy who bravely approaches the Centurion to ask why Jesus was put to death.
Watch as the heart of this hardened man of war finally comes to realize who Jesus truly is and declares Him to be the Son of God.
Dates for the presentation are:

Sunday, April 6:  10:00 AM at Fellowship Church
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